Apps on BCPS Devices

Podcasting at BMS

Well, after two weeks of podcasting at SRHS and SRMS, one would think that everything would be just as smooth within a different zone. You would think that wouldn't you. Asia and I found out differently with the new cart in the Liberty Zone and the new Garageband Application. It took me quite a while (and a headache) to find out how to see the podcasted preview. Come to find out it is even easier to use than the old version but of course one would not know that if they hadn't been working with that program.

Now we are all set for the podcasts tomorrow at BMS and for my class Monday at BSTC. Thank goodness we had the time to sit and play with it this afternoon or we would definitely be panicking tomorrow. LOL!!

So the story continues with podcasts and more to come in the next couple of weeks.


A Sharif-Clark said...

Trust me. This story could not be made up. You held your head for 5 minutes. Thank God we had time to play and also realized the cart was not charged.

We live, we learn, we laugh!

Crystal Creasey said...

Referring back to the podcasts, we have completed 4 different classes! The chorus class at SRMS, the chorus class at SRHS, history class at BMS and history classes at SRMS. The next podcast to come is at Big Island and then another one at SRMS with science classes!! Go podcasts and enthusiastic teachers!