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A Simple Tool Brings Excitement

Who would have thought that putting a digital camera in the hands of a student would stir such excitement? I witnessed that excitement with a group of 3rd graders who were instructed to go around the school and take pictures of simple machines. I heard comments like, "Can we do this again?", "This was so much fun.", "I've never used a digital camera before.", "Can we find some more things?". The pictures were put into a Photo Story and the students then had the opportunity to record their voices explaining why their picture was a simple machine. Their end project was used for a test review. The excitment didn't stop there--a 4th grade teacher asked them if she could show the project to her classes when they reviewed simple machines! What a wonderful way to learn and share!


A Sharif-Clark said...


Thanks so much for sharing! What a creative way to explore and review simple machines.

Debbie Prowse said...

That is so wonderful! What a neat way to review, I bet none of them forget their simple machines now! I got to help Debbie N. at SES with fourth graders a few weeks ago. Each group was assigned a letter of the alphabet to find in objects around the school: a J in an extension cord, an F in the tree branches. It stirred up so much excitement and creativity! Then they got to pick the picture they liked the best and create a power point slide to which they added a rhyming couplet that they authored. They are going to put them all together to make an alphabet book. It was so exciting for them! Real world experiences in the classroom! I'm glad your kids enjoyed the project! What a great way to incorporate technology into their learning.