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Create a Story with Pinky Dinky Doo!

Pinky Dinky Doo is a site where students create stories starring cartoon characters from the animated series of the same name currently airing on Nick Jr.

After selecting a genre of their choice (Silly, Fairy Tale, Mystery, Scary, or Outer Space), they will compose their own story focusing on Beginning, Middle, and End. The text is highlighted and read aloud to the students each time they make an addition to their story providing help with fluency and word recognition.

Once their story is complete, it can be printed onto ONE sheet of paper, folded into a mini-booklet, and taken home for more reading practice!


A Sharif-Clark said...

Thanks Debbie. That's what I thought of with these ipods and the touches. I like having other ways to make use of them and giving students a new way to enjoy stories.

Thanks so for your resource. Children come alive when they create something. It gives them a chance to share who they are.

Kim Larsen said...

I'm going to share this neat tool at the next Reading Specialists' meeting, Debbie!(I'm showing it to my children today, though--they'll LOVE it!)I love the Dr. Seuss story creator, too, but it doesn't have all the neat features that this does.