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When I heard that my second grade students were studying Famous Americans, I immediately thought of a tip that I had read on Tammy Worcester's Blog, "Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers". In Tip 74, she shows how to use the avatar creater from the website My Avatar Editor and some clever ways to use the avatars in the classroom.

Each of my second graders created a Famous American Avatar using My Avatar Editor and saved them in power point along with a background image that suited their American; baseball field for Jackie Robinson, log cabin for Abraham Lincoln, etc. Then they recorded themselves in the first person speaking about why they are considered to be a Famous American and their contributions they made to society. After compiling all of the students' slides into one power point presentation, the teacher showed it to the class as a review before their test. The students enjoyed seeing all the different avatars and hearing themselves and their classmates speaking about their Famous American. I can't wait to see how they did on the they aced it!


A Sharif-Clark said...

Oh Debbie!

I love it! It looks just like Abe!
Thanks for sharing a way to make History...Present!


Emily said...

I tried clicking the link but I think BCPS has blocked the site???

Emily Dowdy
first grade (GES)

Do you think I would have any luck trying this with first graders?

Debbie Prowse said...

Hi Emily!
It is blocked in our county at this time. I will ask to have it unblocked. You can ask your ITRT or your LMS for the password to drop the filter so you can use it with your kids. You could definitley tweak the lesson to use it with 1st graders. They could easily use the avatar creator to create themselves or an important person in history and export as a picture file. They will LOVE it! There are so many little details to complete the power point slide, so you may want to create the template with the backgrounds beforehand, bring in their saved avatars, and then let them record on the slide. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.