Apps on BCPS Devices

GREAT Elementary Apps for the iPod Touch

Kindergarten-123 Animals Counting-ABC Phonics Animals
First Grade

-ABC Phonics Sightwords
-Bubble Add- the free version only does 3 problems
-Crazy Coin
-4 Letter Word
Second Grade

-ABC Phonics Super Animals Alphabet
-Coin Crazy
-Telling Time
-Doodle Buddy

Third grade
-Times Tables Free
-Multiplication Genius (Play 12x12)
-Shake and Spell
-Word Warp Extreme
Fourth Grade-Brain Quest Blast Off 2-too hard for 2nd graders
-Multiplication Genius (Play 12x12)
Fifth Grade-Mad Libs
-Multiplication Genius (Play 12x12)
Fun For Any Grade
-Pacman-Tic-Tac-Toe-Sketchy-Paper Toss

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Crystal Creasey said...

Thanks for sharing. This is good to know so when we are using these we will know what is already loaded.