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Enhanced Podcasting at SRHS

Students and teachers in the Family Consumer Science classes have really caught on to podcasting. This past week I did enhanced podcasting with 10th-12th grades at SRHS in Nutrition, Body Systems and the Nine Months of Pregnancy. After the project, one of the teachers asked for the students to write comments about the project. Some of the replies were:
  • I want a Mac laptop now,
  • I feel this project is a great project,
  • I think it was easy and fun,
  • I learned a lot from watching all the other podcasts,
  • It was different than doing other projects,
  • I liked having the new experience,
  • I learned many features about the Macs (Garage Band, Photo Booth)
  • I have a Mac and I didn't know you could make a podcast in Garage Band,
  • Before this project I never knew exactly what a podcast was and now I have learned how to make one,
  • Picture (photo) Booth was the funnest thing about the whole thing.
  • It was a lot of FUN!

Ninety-two students made a podcast this week. Fifty-three made a podcast in the fall in chorus class, eighty-two completed one in AP-Biology classes in February. Next week there will be eighteen students creating podcasts in another biology class. After Spring Break there will be several more students in one of the Spanish classes here at SRHS. How exciting is that!? Only a few students have been in multiple classes. I am looking forward to more teachers and students being on board with this project and others next year. Things have really blossomed at SRHS in technology.

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