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Clickers Raise Test Scores

Every school in Bedford County has access to clickers or personal response systems (prs).  There are great benefits to using clickers in the classroom.  For one clickers engage all students.  Secondly clicker tests are automatically graded for the teacher.  Thirdly clickers present an effective way of reviewing content.  Also students and teachers get immediate feedback.  Finally using clickers can raise test scores!  A recent study in Texas showed a 80% to 60% difference between students that used clickers and those that did not.  To read more about the study go to 
Contact your ITRT to find out how to set up your classes and tests to raise your student's scores.

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A Sharif-Clark said...

Great post Matt. I'm certain they are a great way to review content. It's good to see them being used more and more.