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Create a Glog with Glogster edu!

Click on the glog above to view numerous samples of other glogs. Glogs are online multimedia posters with text, pictures, video, and sound. Click here to sign up for a free teacher account with 50 free student accounts. The premium account for pay also includes drawings and data. Click here for a fun tutorial on how to get started with your first glog. Glogs are great for an extension activity or a way for your students to make content more concrete. And they're online--which makes it easy for your students to present them to the class--no printing, posterboard, or messy glue involved. And grading them is a snap for you! Your students will enjoy creating these 21st century online posters!


Debbie Prowse said...

Major 2 thumbs up for Glogster! Thanks, Kim!

Deena said...

Hi Kim,
Deena Kelly from Glogster here, Great post and great Glog! Keep up the great work.