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Big Huge Labs

Big Huge Labs will allow you to do "Fun Stuff with Your Photos." There are many areas to explore. You can make a magazine cover, motivation posters, CD Covers, trading cards and so much more. This tool is great to support literature circles or content area information. It provides students with opportunities that allow them to share what they understand in a creative way. Students can use a digital camera to capture images to support what they are learning. Student's will be motivated to make trading cards for the states of matter or a magazine about the main character of a novel. Take a look and think outside the box for ways to use this site. Any ideas you wish to share, leave us a comment below.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I like this alot! I was thinking that a teacher could use this with difficult vocabulary. Recently I worked with a second grade class studying habitats. Students were having a tough time understanding the difference between omnivore, carnivore, herbivore, camouflage, migrate, etc. It would be really fun to have each student pick a vocabulary word, draw an image of the word, take a digital picture of their drawing, and upload it to this site. Then all of the class pictures could be put together in a slideshow for a review of all of the vocabulary words.
Thanks for this site, Bethany!