Apps on BCPS Devices

Want to inspire your students to write?

Why not try Storybird?

Storybird is an online collaborative storyteller. You set up your students' accounts. Your students pull in pictures from a high-quality collection of drawings and add their text to create their own ebooks. The result is a polished, professional-looking ebook they can take pride in and share with their class. With a teacher account, you can access all your student ebooks online under your account to review and share with others.

Want to try it? Go online and sign up for a teacher account to set up your class. If you need any help, ask your local ITRT for their assistance.

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Anonymous said...

Our 2nd grade teachers at ORES used Storybird with students and parents on Reading Night. Everyone loved it! The teachers set up class accounts and will use the site with students again. Thanks to Lisa E. for introducing it to us.