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Technology and Literacy Join Forces


                Technology and Literacy Join Forces Once again to Make Learning Fun

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The mission of this website is to provide a study of literacy skills using any word list to create interactive games, puzzles, and other activities that utilize the words entered by the user. There are many free features on this website as well as the option to purchase memberships for individuals, classes, or a school license.
Teaching Resources is an additional feature on this website that include Language Arts lessons on topics covered from elementary through high school, useful word lists for grades K-12, informative articles on the importance of spelling and the different types of learners.
A special feature allows users to hear words read aloud to them as well as how they are used in a sentence.
But that is not the only way to access this fun site! There is a VocabularySpellingCity app to download for free to your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This app is scheduled for an updated release at the end of October with additional activities and assignments. In addition it will add a teacher/parent login feature.

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