Apps on BCPS Devices

"Tiny" Apps

There are several "Tiny" Apps that are free downloads to your iPad or iPod Touch. Here are just a few.

There are several of them that are free.
Tiny Tower by NimbleBit LLC lets you build a tiny tower and manage businesses.
Tiny Village by TinyCo lets you create a prehistoric village and raise dinosaurs.
Tiny Zoo Friends by TinyCo lets you build a zoo and raise animals.

Tiny Dentist by fantastoonic can do fillings, brush and whiten teeth.
Tiny Pets by TinyCo lets you build homes for the pets.
Tiny Chef by TinyCo lets you create a restaurant and make food.
Tiny Farm by Com2uS lets you raise animals on a farm.

These are just of the few "Tiny" Apps available for iPad. They are especially good for communication and creativity with special ed students and primary students.

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