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Many people have caught the Pinning Bug.  I must say, I was a reluctant pinner at first.  I mean, why did I need Pinterest when I can already bookmark, Delicious, Google Read, Tweet, Facebook, Blog, ....the list goes on and on.....And really how many recipes do I need and will I ever look back at my Triple Chocolate Banana Cream Pudding Pop Double Latte recipe????  (well, it did look yummy in the picture).  Anyway, my reluctance soon turned to joy and I've joined the ranks of other Pinaholics especially since I've found that many Educational Technology minded folks use it too.  Currently I am following the Pins of Edmodo, Edutopia, Nearpod, and Tony Vincent to name just a few.  I have made my own boards on QR Codes, Technology in Education, and my personal favorite board, Super Geek Techno Stuff.   So if you haven't jumped into pinning you might want to give it a chance.  If you need a bit more hand holding to begin your Pinventure, I suggest you read Pinterest Tips:  A Tutorial Guide for Beginners by Monica Matheny.  It gives nice step by step instructions from creating your account to the basics of pinning. 
Now I'm off to create some Pins! 

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