Apps on BCPS Devices

Quip for iPad or iPod

Bret Taylor’s Quip works as a lightweight writing app, but its real strength is in collaborative editing. Quip combines the word processor with a messaging system to create threads for discussing and editing documents.

Take notes, organize to-do lists, and collaborate with your colleagues. Share folders to organize your projects at home or at work. All features work perfectly offline, syncing whenever you have an internet connection.

Key Features:

• Real-time, collaborative editing
• Messaging - Every document has a chat thread
• Offline - Edit anywhere, even on an airplane
• Folders - Share with your family or team
• Checklists - Interactive, shared lists
• Diffs - Every edit is in a document news feed
• Presence - See who’s online, what they're up to
• @mentions - Link to people and documents
• Notifications - Know when a doc is opened
• Read receipts - Check who’s read your edits
• Inbox - See what you haven’t read

The great thing about this app is that it is FREE!

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