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Crash Course on YouTube with John & Hank Green

John and Hank Green have made a name for themselves on YouTube creating a Vlog (video blog), VlogBrothers, that is closely followed by young adults and adults. John Green is a noted author of young adult books such as Looking for Alaska and Fault in Our Stars. His brother, Hank Green, is an environmentalist and vlogs on many subjects including ecology, science and music. Both brothers have branched into creating a series of educational videos on YouTube called CrashCourse. These videos are short summaries that would be great to use in the classroom. Subjects include:

  • World History (everything from the Indus Valley to Globalization)
  • Biology (for example, "That's why Carbon is a Trap")
  • Ecology (including "The Texas Mosquito Mystery")
  • English Literature (from Romeo & Juliet to Catcher in the Rye)
  • U.S. History (still more added need to be added - right now it only goes to the Gilded Age)
  • Chemistry (including "How to Speak Chemistrian")
For more information and YouTube titles, go to their Wikipedia site:
Type the name of the episode you want to see into CleanVideoSearch.

or go to: 
on your home computer for a list of titles.

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