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Clickers Meeting Their Potential!

Are you looking to branch out and use clickers for more than giving tests or quizzes? If yes, then Mr. Hansard at SRHS would be the perfect teacher to observe! Just last week I was part of a Geometry Triangles lesson where students were asked to input free responses that included angles, the names of the sides of triangles, etc. (not multiple choice). In that one lesson, Mr. Hansard used the CPS clickers and his Smart Board to:
--review and check understanding of previously-taught material
--teach new material
--drill & check understanding of the newly-taught material

 As I watched the lesson, I thought, "I am watching a Master Teacher at work!" How wonderful to see a teacher asking quality questions of his class instead of "Do you understand?" The clickers allowed the students to do their own thinking, then answer all of Mr. Hansard's questions in a non-embarrassing way (students saw all answers but did not know who answered what). Mr. Hansard never answered any of his questions himself. In addition, he handled it beautifully, with humor and respect, when a student's input, instead of "AB", was "I love you"! (All answers thereafter were geometry answers.) **Did you know that both CPS and Smart Response clickers can be used for a Jeopardy-like classroom game for review?**

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