Apps on BCPS Devices


As I look back on this past week, I realize that being with our team has been very beneficial to me. Through collaboration and listening, I have learned more about each member, their families and the way various technology issues are handled by the different members. I discovered more technology "know hows" and the fact that everyone encounters problems that might not be easily corrected. I learned that things are not always going to run smoothly and it does no good to beat myself up about it. The most important thing I took from last week, is that I do work with a wonderful group of people who are willing to offer help as needed so that we all can continue to grow in our knowledge of technology.


A Sharif-Clark said...

Thanks so much Amy for sharing.
You've expressed my sentiments so well. What a blessing to work with a diverse group of funny, talented, and resourceful people!

Crystal Creasey said...

I agree Amy. It is good to get to know each other. We are a great team and we build on each others' strengths. I appreciate this time that we get to work together.