Apps on BCPS Devices

Today the 11 ITRTs chose to create a vision of what we would like to see for BCPS. It is amazing what we can do as a team. As the ITRT role changes, we would encourage you to join our team and help us reach our BHAG. Check out our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal!

BHAG 2009

The vision of Bedford County Schools is that every classroom utilizes best practices to integrate technology effectively on a daily basis. Every classroom encompasses up-to-date technologies that enable our students to be productive in a global community. Technology is a key component in delivering instruction.

As agents of change, one ITRT per building provides stakeholders with needed ongoing instructional support. This support helps teachers effectively integrate technology into their classroom, thus engaging students and enhancing their learning. All students throughout the county have the same opportunities to prepare for the 21st century college classroom or workplace upon leaving high school.

Students, parents, teachers, ITRT, and administration work collectively to reach these technological goals, making BCPS a model other school systems want to follow into the next century.

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