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Etherpad, continued

COLLABORATION! As ITRTs we have heard, and more importantly, practiced this word alot lately. If you read Bethany Butcher's post below on the EtherPad, you learned about one way we have recently collaborated together. How would you like to bring that collaboration into your classroom for your students to experience? Check out this short video of Debbie Newman and I editing a document together. This is just one example of how your students could use this site to collaborate together in an educational setting. What are your thoughts and ideas on how you could use this online collaboration tool in your classroom?


Bethany Butcher said...

I love the screen cast! You did a great job modeling EtherPad.

Debbie Prowse said...

Thanks, Bethany! And thank you so much for showing it to all of us at our meeting...Awesome Collaboration!

Debbie Newman said...

The Etherpad screen cast looks great. I found it to be a very cool, collaborative tool.