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Clicking Copyright

Copyright is not the most engaging subject matter for students. So when Mr. Martin at SRHS asked me to come up with something I had to do a little head scratching. The first thing he mentioned was a video about copyright. So I scoured the net at Discovery Education formally know as United Streaming and Teacher Tube which is You Tuber's nicer sibling. I found a video made up of Disney cartoon clips about copyright. A Fair (y) Use Tale is a good introdcution to copyright, fair use and public domain. Secondly I mentioned using CPS (Personal Response System or Clickers). Mr. Martin welcomed the idea of using the technology to keep all his students engaged. So we created a pretest for the students to use their clickers that showed the questions on a projector. Then we asked questions on the fly where students could use the clickers to respond to our verbal questions. Lastly we projected the posttest so the students could visually see and answer the questions. For a dry and sometimes confusing subject matter the students were actively engaged. Our project covered two days. The first day was mostly me modeling the lesson and technology and the second day Mr. Martin took over the class. He did an outstanding job integrating the technology and subject matter to his classes.


Debbie Newman said...

I enjoyed being a spectator in the class. I loved the Fair(y) Tale video full of Disney Clips. The author carefully took just enough, but not too much to stay within the copyright laws. I noticed the high school students were thoroughly entertained and learned a lot on the way!

A Sharif-Clark said...

Awesome Matt!
This is topic that often confuses many. I love the idea of bringing in the CPS to help with on the fly verbal questions. Keep up the great work!