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Teaching Cells the GPS Way

What a difference when you can make a lesson fun and engaging for students! At FMS, the 8th grade general science classes were learning about cells. Instead of sitting in class reviewing, the teacher gave up 2 days before the test to allow the students to use the GPS for a review. The students searched for 9 caches. Each cache had something inside that represented part of the cell, example-inside cache #2 were M&M's and a battery-this represented the Mitochondria-the energy unit of the cell. Inside cache #7 was a remote control-this represented the Nucleus-the control of the cell. While searching the students wrote down what was in each cache then the teacher reviewed with pictures of the caches-what the object was they found-what part of the cell it represented and the function of the cell part. Test the next day. I bet they all aced it!


Kim Larsen said...

I bet so, too, Lisa! How neat that the objects inside the caches were the students' mnemonic devices!

A Sharif-Clark said...


This is awesome. My mom was my 8th grade Science teacher and the visuals you shared brought those cell lessons back to me. Thanks so much for sharing a new and cool way to teach Biology!

Crystal Creasey said...

That is so cool. I think this would be very meaningful for the students. And what a way to learn about cells!