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YouTube Tip!

Several ITRT's were emailing back and forth ideas of how teachers can use Good YouTube Videos in the classroom. Several ideas emerged. Here is one worth sharing. It is called called KickYouTube. You don't need to copy and paste the video's URL, install any software, or wait for an email. It is super simple.

Here's how it works:

1. Find the video you want to download from

2. In the address field, type kick in front of and press Enter.

3. You are taken to the KickYouTube site, showing the video from YouTube. Across the top of the page are download options: FLV, MP4, HD, AVI, MPG, 3GP, iPhone, PSP, MP3, OGG, and GIF.

4) You will need to decide the file format you want by clicking on the type. Then I click the green Go button. The Go button will turn to a blue button named Down. You will be prompted to open or save the video file. You will want to save the file to a folder on your hard drive.

Now the video on is on the hard drive. It can be put on a flash drive, burned to a DVD, imported into move editing software, put it in a slide show, or whatever you like to do with video files.

**Please note that downloading videos from YouTube may go against YouTube's Terms of Service. Also, the creator's copyright should be respected and acknowledged at all times.**


Kim Larsen said...

Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow, Bethany!

Danielle Plomaritas SRHS said...

thank you!!! i've been wondering how to do this for some time now.