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Foreign Language Blogs

For the past few days, I have been working with the foreign language teachers at SRHS creating new blogs. One neat thing that I have found is the audio dropbox which is online at CLEAR and this is the link:

Foreign language teachers can create an account at this site. After they get an account, the web link can be copied to create the audio dropbox on their blog so their students can access it, record their voices, and save. Then the foreign language teachers can see if they are saying the dialect correctly for the language they are learning.

This is a wonderful tool which I wanted to share so other foreign language teachers can do the same.


Asia Sharif-Clark said...

Thanks Crystal,

I found this information very helpful and would like to experiment with this for Music Teachers.


Kim Larsen said...

I can't wait to help the FL teachers at LHS and BMS with this so that they, too, can benefit from this awesome tool!