Apps on BCPS Devices

GIMP for Photo Editing and Digital Art

Why pay beaucoup bucks for other photo editing software when you can download and use the GIMP for free? The GIMP is another open-source tool with a plethora of easy-to-follow tutorials one can find online--on youtube, for instance. Crop, scale, alter, enhance, remove red eye and blemishes, copy and paste, add text and borders to images, and so much more! Students and teachers can use the digital art tools to create posters about topics being studied. Someone from the open-source community used such tools to create the image above. The art tools work great and are so much fun on the Smart Board--use finger painting for writing math problems and facts, drawing geometric shapes, site words, etc! Click on the image above to download GIMP 2.6 for FREE! Happy GIMPing!

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