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Saving An Enhanced Podcast For Playback

A few months ago, I shared how to save an enhanced podcast into keynote to share as a slideshow. Now I have found out how to save as a movie and play in itunes. As you share your podcast in garageband to itunes, it turns into a m4a file. Just turn it to a m4v file, create a new playlist and put the m4v files together in the playlist and it will play one podcast after another without doing anything. This is fantastic and the students have learned how to save them in this format at SRHS.


Debbie Prowse said...

Great tip Crystal! Those podcasting tips keep getting better and better and make working with them and sharing them easier. Thanks!

Crystal Creasey said...

The more I do with them the more I learn. Some things I find out by experimentation but the teachers and students are loving them. Every time I work with a class, another teacher comes by and says "I want to do that with my class!" I think that says a lot! Good luck with your next one.