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Wimp Yourself!

Yes, I agree, I'm a little AVATAR crazy these days! But seriously, what's more fun that creating a digital image of you, a friend, an historical character, or in this case, a WIMPY book character? If you've read any of Jeff Kinney's books from the series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you may know what I'm referring to. Find out more about Jeff's books by visiting the official Diary of a Wimpy Kid website. What I didn't realize is that the books actually started out online at FunBrain in 2004. You can read the online version here. The books are written in diary format, similar to blog posts. If your students enjoy reading about the wacky adventures of Greg in either the online or book version, they may enjoy creating their own Wimpy Character here! And, yes, that is my Wimpy Self!

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Kim Larsen said...

Your posts are always so helpful to me, Debbie. You share such creative ideas. Thanks for sharing!