Apps on BCPS Devices

The Elections are Coming!

Use the upcoming elections to teach real world skills.
Language arts: Write letters to your representatives!
Math: Watch and graph the polling numbers.
Science: Track the psychological appeals used in political ads.
Social Studies: Oh, let me count the ways.....
Teachers can find lots of primary source resources by signing up for C-Span Classroom. Sign-up is free.
Free maps, videos, lesson plans and voting information is available when you register. Make sure to visit C-Span Constitutional Clips which includes video clips from c-span that illustrate how the consitution works daily in our government.
Teachers can also find election information on the ipads using the My Congress app.
Here students can type in their zip code and get a listing of their representatives in Congress along with online news articles about their positions and congressional activity. Contact information is available so that students can get involved and send in their opinions. Their voice can be heard - the future is in their hands.

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