Apps on BCPS Devices

iPad 2 as a Document Camera

Don' t have a document camera, but have an iPad2. Well then you have a document camera.
Buy an adjustable iPad mount like this or find some tools around school to hold your iPad2 and use it as a document camera

Use the app BOARD CAM it allows you to draw, use pointers and stick labels over the video image. You can also record a video of whatever you do in the screen. The app has been out for a while and has evolved including other presentation tools. Currently it also allows you to do the things described above over an image selected from the device's photo album.


Juan Luis Herrera Cortijo said...

Thanks for commenting about Board Cam! :) I have linked this post from the Board Cam webpage.

Shannon Saunders said...

Love it! And if you're looking for a portable, flexible, secure stand for your iPad, check out the 21st Class Stand at